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Objective truth

in a subjective culture

Silly Putty NEW!

by M. Clifford Brunner


A study in why an objective perspective on life surpasses the subjective culture of our times. [Handy study guide included for each chapter.] 


190 pages, softcover–This Passing Day, 2021 $9.99 + shipping

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Ten Abiding Principles Solid, objective and inspiring thoughts for everyday living. 

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Cut and Split

Devotions based on over 40 years of cutting and splitting wood at Brunner's Beech Springs home. (Temporarily out of stock)

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Madstone or Perfect Pearl

The evolution of the Christian church in today's subjective culture.

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2 Years of Objectively Speaking
This Passing Day Bible Studies

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This Passing Day Devotional Studies
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Other Voices

Frances Schaeffer


Other Voices:

R. C. Sproul &

Ravi Zacharias

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This Passing Day is here for you and to glorify and praise Jesus Christ, our Lord. Our focus is on the objectivity of the truth of the gospel and how to use the truth of Scriptures in combatting the subjective thinking of today's social culture. I hope that you enjoy the devotions and other resources found here. Please remember to pray for this ministry and pass it on to a friend when you get a chance.


God bless your day in Christ! 

M. Clifford Brunner

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