Land in sight?

When you and I keep our eternal goals in sight, it makes the work getting there a whole lot easier. My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

Preparation. It goes a long way in keeping a person on track. A number of years ago, my wife and I built a dog run. We had long been concerned for the increasing number of coyotes in the area and, owning two very small dogs, thought that it would be a good thing to fence in an area toward the back of our property where the dogs could freely roam all afternoon without the threat of them wandering off or something else wandering in. The threat is what drove us on to complete the project despite the fact that we had to drive hundreds of poles and string a half a mile of fencing. As long as we kept the image fresh in our mind of the dogs roaming freely and safely, there simply was no way we were going to quit before that last fence post was driven and wire twisted.

On the Fourth of July in 1951, Florence Chadwick, the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions, attempted to swim from Catalina Island to the California coast. The challenge was not so much the distance, but the bone-chilling waters of the Pacific. To complicate matters, a dense fog lay over the entire area, making it impossible for her to see land. After about 15 hours in the water, and within a half mile of her goal, Chadwick gave up. Later she told a reporter, “Look, I’m not excusing myself. But if I could have seen land, I might have made it.” Not long afterward she attempted the feat again.Once more a misty veil obscured the coastline and she couldn’t see the shore. But this time she made it because she kept reminding herself that land w