Improbable faith

Faced today with the difficult or even the impossible? If it couldn’t be done, God wouldn’t ask you to do it. He never asks us to do what is truly the impossible. My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

When you think back on your life, did you ever notice that the wonderful things in life often begin with a difficulty; and that the very wonderful, have often begun with an impossibility? The terrible injury that resulted in a new hobby--the gut-wrenching argument with a spouse or a friend, that became a deeper understanding, or the unexpected pregnancy that blossomed into the child that you just couldn’t live without. When you stop to think about it, our lives are literally filled with difficulty and impossibility, piled one atop the other. How often those things that looked so remote, so approachable and alarming end up becoming the deepest blessings in our lives. If only we have the faith to believe the difficult, the seemingly impossible, can we overcome these in time and at God’s pleasure.

Automobile genius Henry Ford once came up with a revolutionary plan for a new kind of engine which we know today as the V-8. Ford was eager to get his great new idea into production. He had some men draw up the plans, and presented them to the engineers. As the engineers studied the drawings, one by one they cane to the same conclusion. Their visionary boss just didn’t know much about the fundamental principles of engineering. He’d have to be told gently--his dream was impossible. Ford said, “Produce it anyway.” They replied, “But it’s impossible.” “Go ahead,” Ford commanded, “and stay on the job until you succeed, no matter how much time is required.” For six months they struggled with drawing after drawing, design after design. Nothing. Another six months. Nothing. At the end of the year Ford checked with his engineers and they once again told him that what he wanted was impossible. Ford told them to keep going. They did. And they discovered how to build a V-8 engine. (Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, 1960.)

When God calls us to tackle the difficult and conquer what might seem the impossible, He always provides a way to make that happen--even when we don’t see it right away. Jesus once asked His disciples to feed five thousand people who had assembled to hear Him preach with only five loaves and two fishes. His words to them were “You give them something to eat.” Faced with the impossible, they scratched their heads and asked “how?” He provided the answer--use your faith! Jesus wouldn’t have asked them to do it unless He knew it could be done.

Are you faced today with the difficult or even the impossible? Remember. If it couldn’t be done, He wouldn’t ask you to do it. God never asks us to do what is truly the impossible. He only asks us to face that which seems impossible with an improbable faith anchored in the hope that the God who can do anything will work that anything through us.

We pray. Heavenly Father, when it comes to judging what is possible and what is impossible we are pretty poor judges of reality. When life gets rough and things seem insurmountable, our first thought is about us and how we just can’t be expected to do the hard things. Forgive us Lord when we give up before giving you the credit you deserve––that you will never give us a challenge we can’t live up to. Help us Lord to seek out the answers to life that are there all along if we are willing to look hard enough and long enough. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matt 6:34)

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