Crazy as a Christian

If talking to animals and waste baskets is curious, what about talking to God? Are we in touch with reality when we imagine there is a God and he actually hears us? My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

I am in the habit of talking to dogs. Our three Wiener Dogs tend to be the focus of this habit as my office is in the home and that is where the dogs also have their offices as well. I work at my desk and they work in their kennels under the table next to my desk–sleeping for the most part, which they put a lot of effort into. The problem is, however, that it isn’t just a matter of me talking. I actually maintain short conversations with them. I answer my own questions with a voice I’ve made up for each of them. To make matters worse, during the course of the day I talk to inanimate objects like books, coffee pots, cars and even waste baskets as well. Thankfully they don’t respond, since what kind of voice would you give to a waste basket anyway. I suspect that many people talk to animals, so I am probably not altogether out to lunch on that one; but coffee pots and waste baskets? Some might say I’ve crossed the line, questioning my sanity with this curious habit. Then again, I wonder if my little falderal isn’t useful in keeping me on a more even keel?