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When you and I arrive every day at a new dawn, rub the night out of our eyes and stretch out into a new day, we’ve arrived at a daily grace-filled Christmas party. My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

Over fifty years ago my Dad worked for a printer that hosted an annual Christmas party for employees and their children. It was always on a Saturday afternoon just prior to Christmas. As kids we looked forward every year to the event, knowing that Santa Claus would be there and we’d be treated to a few cartoons, music, and of course, candy and cake. We would arrive in the parking lot filled with anticipation knowing that, although we went in empty handed, we wouldn’t leave that way. Every kid would leave that hall with a bag of goodies and a gift. Our mittened hands thrust in pockets now would soon be wrapped around free stuff that we didn’t earn but were happy to haul away. Unlike most things in life that required a finished chore or good conduct to get, my Dad’s company Christmas party required merely our presence and a willingness to walk up front to Santa Claus and claim our stuff.

I still love free stuff after all these years. Give me a $5 certificate for the hardware store and I am motivated. It’s nice walking into the place with nothing and leaving with something I saved $5 on. But you know, every day is a Christmas party when you’re a Christian.

Here’s a story. When Billy Graham was driving through a small southern town, he was stopped by a policeman and charged with speeding. Graham admitted his guilt, but was told by the officer that he would have to appear in court. The judge asked, “Guilty, or not guilty?” When Graham pleaded guilty, the judge replied, “That’ll be ten dollars–a dollar for every mile you went over the limit.” Suddenly the judge recognized the famous minister. “You’ve violated the law,” he said. “The fine must be paid––but I am going to pay it for you.” He took a ten dollar bill from his own wallet, attached it to the ticket, and then took Graham out and bought him a steak dinner! “That,” said Billy Graham, “is how God treats repentant sinners!” (Progress Magazine, December 14, 1992.)

When you and I arrive every day at a new dawn, rub the night out of our eyes and stretch out into a new day, we’ve arrived at a daily grace-filled Christmas party. On the authority of Jesus Christ, we arrive at this party anticipating a day filled with free gifts from above, good spiritual food to eat and entertaining sanctified moments to enjoy. As kids we couldn’t go to the annual Christmas party hosted by my Dad’s employer unless my Dad drove us there and accompanied us into the hall. Otherwise we had no right to be there. Only children of employees benefited from party. And so it is with us. My Dad had tickets to the event and showed them at the door. Jesus has tickets to every day of our lives. Only he can get us into the grace party promised to Christians every day. He vouches for us as we get out of bed and enter the day, and God says “Come on in, sit on my lap, enjoy the day and, don’t forget to grab a bag of grace goodies on your way out tonight!” I like free stuff and this stuff doesn’t just happen once a year, but every day. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

We pray. Heavenly Father, how can we ever thank you for your free grace? Every day of our lives we open our eyes to another day filled with spiritual goodies, all undeserved. We enter the day with empty spiritual pockets and leave the day filled with all that we need again. Thank you for Jesus who has paid the way for us through his hard work as the Savior you have employed to take away our sins. Forgive us Lord when we forget that every day is a gift from above without any chores or good conduct on our part. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matt 6:34)

Thank you for tuning into This Passing Day. Join us at May this PASSING day honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and be a blessing to you and everyone you meet. Find a stranger and say hello. Don’t let another day pass without your day blessing someone else’s.

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