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The call to discipleship and obedience is, therefore, not confined to a chosen few; everyone is called to service in the Kingdom of God here on earth. My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

I’ve always felt that there were two ways to volunteers for something. The first and most common path is to undertake a plan to become one through a premeditated plan. I ran into someone recently who wanted to serve on a Board of Directors in the community we both serve. She asked me how to go about it. I suggested that she go onto the Volunteer Center website for our county and check out the Board directorship opportunities. After filling out the appropriate information about herself and her background, she could submit that to the site and wait for a Board to contact her through the Volunteer Center website. This is the way it is most commonly done and it is effective. I have recruited a number of Board members through our area Volunteer Center website this way. The other way, one less common but perhaps even more effective is to be alert to community needs and wait for an unpremeditated opportunity to serve. You know, those times when you say “I’ll do it!” but you have no idea why you said it or what it might mean to even do it?

Some might call this a knee-jerk reaction to a volunteer plea, but we’ve all experienced it in our lives; that moment when we say “yes” but have no idea why we did.

Here’s a story. Sometimes our ability to react to stimuli we aren’t aware of can be a lifesaver. (This is a true story from a volunteer fire department in California.) It seems that an old man living alone with his cat in a small cabin up in the mountains of Northern California had built a fire on a cold spring morning to warm up the cabin. He nestled down into his easy chair whereupon his cat crawled into his lap, curled up and they both fell fast asleep. Unfortunately the old man had forgotten to close the damper on his stove and it began to overheat creating a fire in the chimney. Neither he nor the cat were aware of the problem, yet, as he later told the fire department, he experienced one of those knee-jerks during his nap. The jerk caused him to kick a nearby end table which came crashing to the floor, awakening him in time to take action, close the damper on his stove, and thereby confine the fire to his chimney and not the house. (Unknown.)

The Bible tells us that “Many are called, but few are chosen (Isaiah 6:8).” The call to discipleship and obedience is, therefore, not confined to a chosen few; everyone is called to service in the Kingdom of God here on earth. The fact of the matter is, that those who heed the call are likely to be those who find themselves moved by a knee-jerk reaction to that still small voice of God calling us to service as opposed to those who strive to plan for it. God doesn’t advertise his calls like an advertiser on the expressway with big signs and tempting offers. Rather, he gently calls his servants to obey, come and serve him. Those who end up following that call are the ones who say “I’ll do it!” but really have no inkling as to why they said it; they just said it. When you and I make the conscious decision to abide in the will of God and dwell in his grace, we open the door to him, causing our soul to jerk, awakening us to the need for service, in a knick of time. It isn’t something we can plan, service is something we experience and it can, from a soul standpoint, be a real life-saver.

We pray. Heavenly Father, thank you for calling us to serve you Lord. We know that often that call is soft and difficult to hear, but it is always purposeful and impacting on the work that you would have done in your Kingdom here on earth. May we always be alert to that calling but never planning or striving to make it into something we design. Forgive us Lord when we aren’t listening for you as our lives are often filled with ourselves to overflowing. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matt 6:34)

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