Take me for a ride Lord

I believe our faith relationship with Christ is similar. We can settle for passable, at times stale relationship, or we can demand a fresh Jesus daily. My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

I’m a toast guy. I like a piece of toast every morning with my hard-boiled egg and I’m very particular about whether the bread and eggs are as fresh as possible. We purchase the eggs at a local farm, so the eggs are as fresh as they can be. In fact they are so fresh that it is sometimes difficult to peel the shell away from the membrane as is the tendency of very fresh eggs. Toast, on the other hand, is a different matter. Holly makes a great loaf of bread, but her work schedule doesn’t allow her the time to do much baking. We rely on a local food market for the bread. It may not be homemade, but it is very fresh and made without preservatives; so, into the freezer it goes when we unpack the groceries. Although the bread is pre-sliced, it does have the tendency to bond itself together in the freezer requiring some agility and skill to pry it apart every morning. As with the eggs the difficulty of preparing the slices borders on tediousness, but the freshnesss is worth it because the taste is preferable to stale bread or so-so eggs.

I believe our faith relationship with Christ is similar. We can settle for passable, at times a stale relationship, or we can demand a fresh Jesus daily. The choice is ours as long as we’re willing to take faith for a ride on a daily basis.

Here’s a story. In 1893, engineer George Ferris built a machine that bears his name––the Ferris Wheel. Many were skeptical that it would be safe, especially if the weather was a factor. When it was finished, he invited a newspaper reporter to accompany him and his wife for the inaugural ride. It was a windy July day, so a stiff breeze struck the wheel with great force as it slowly began its rotation. Many on the ground held their breath as the wheel slowly creeped into rotation. Despite the wind, the wheel turned flawlessly. After one revolution, Ferris called for the machine to be stopped so that he, his wife, and the reporter could step out. In braving that one revolution on the windblown Ferris wheel, each occupant demonstrated genuine faith. Mr. Ferris began with the scientific knowledge that the machine would work and that it would be safe. Mrs. Ferris and the reporter believed the machine would work on the basis of what the inventor had said. But only after the ride could it be said of all three that they had personal, experiential faith. (Unknown.)

If we’re content to watch our faith from the ground, never willing to take it for a ride, we risk never knowing what it’s like to experience the freshness of Christ on a daily basis. Faith is our spirit joined with Christ in a working relationship. Like store-bought eggs or stale bread, a passive faith, one anchored in just getting by, never taking the risks that a fresh faith requires, is passable but less than what God has given to each of us to do. Do you ever find yourself saying “I’ve done enough to get by?” How about the old standby of “I guess I’ll have to do this even though I’ve better things to do?” We all have. When we find ourselves in this frame of mind it’s likely we’ve become addicted to stale is good enough. Like those eggs and frozen bread, it’s an extra effort may be required, but a better taste is the result.

We pray. Heavenly Father, you have given us a faith, a faith that can stand up to even the severest tests in life. Yet, we often are willing to settle for much less, even the bare minimum, just to get us by. Forgive us Lord when we are willing to settle for less than a fresh, daily relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ; when we are comfortable with saying I’ve done enough or I am reluctant to respond to your call to serve. You have so much more to give us, if only we’re willing to take our faith for a test drive every day of our life. Take me for a ride today my Lord. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matt 6:34)

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