Coming with the day!

Sharing, it seems to become a natural part of being in a relationship with someone on a long-term basis. Why is it so essentially a part of our relationship with God? My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

One of the many benefits of marriage I’ve found is the aspect of sharing. Not that sharing was foreign to me prior to meeting Holly, but it did possess a different dynamic altogether. Prior to marriage I lived with college roommates for a number of years. They became good friends and to this day several remain so. However, as with most friends that you see once or twice a year, the aspect of sharing is no longer a driving force of the relationship. I just don’t see them enough. However, I see Holly every day of my life. Sharing is not only easy, it’s an essential dynamic of dwelling comfortably with a lifetime partner. After nearly four decades of marriage there’s little in life I don’t share with Holly. It’s become a habit. If I have an idea, I “bounce it off” her. If I am curious, I “tap into” her curiosity as well. Whatever emotion or thought process that develops in me, my first inclination is to search out Holly and share it face to face. “I wonder what she feels or thinks–how she might react?” This is where my mind dwells when I’m looking for answers on a daily basis. Friends often come and go, but Holly comes with the day and seldom leaves.