Spinal pluck

The unfortunate thing about the moment, however, is that it changes often. What may have calmed the moment often serves to agitate the day just ahead. My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

Have you ever witnessed a slug’s passage over a roadway in the Spring? He may have slugged his way hours before, but his slimy trail persists for days sometimes. I often think that’s how our mistakes must look to God, especially those that transgress his Word. I’ve been around for over 65 years and have left behind a trail of mistakes. I’m not proud of these, as some of them have affected others adversely. If it were only myself to suffer from them I would feel less culpable. Nevertheless, there’s no going back to the other side of the road, as I’ll probably only leave another trail of mistakes on my passage back. There is one thing, however, that’s made this all a bit more bearable. As a youth I was taught to assume responsibility for my mistakes, no matter the embarrassment or consequences. It was something we called spinal pluck in those days. You may leave a trail of error behind you but the trail need not smell if you own the mistakes. That’s spinal pluck. It doesn’t take away the hurt but keeps the mistake from becoming a festering wrong.

On the surface passing the buck on our blame often seems like a great way out. It works for the moment and we are people who live for the moment. The unfortunate thing about the moment, however, is that it often changes. What may have calmed the moment often serves to agitate the day.

Here’s a story. General Friedreich Fromm retained an active interest in the conspiracy against Hitler in World War II and took part in the July 20, 1944, assassination attempt. When it became clear that the plot had misfired, General Fromm tried to shift attention from himself by arresting and executing the active conspirators in the German War Ministry. Despite his efforts, however, he could not avoid being implicated and was himself arrested on July 21. . . Fromm could not escape his guilt and was executed despite his best efforts to avoid implication. (Speakers Sourcebook Illustrations, Page 22.)

Blame always seems to leave a messy trail leading right to our door. When we try to rationalize our guilt by spreading the blame around we feel that we’ll have to bear less guilt and, perhaps, escape punishment altogether; if we just make sure that others share part of our blame. That seldom works. The world we live in today seems to have a real problem with blame these days. It seems no one is at fault and everyone is to blame for nothing and everything. It’s a confusing time to be alive in that respect. There are slimy slug trails everywhere with people backtracking, covering up and hiding responsibility. The world is glistening with mistakes that few are willing to take responsibility for. Healthy, Christian living begins with learning how to take responsibility for our lives. God only gives us one life and expects us to not only take care of it, but to take care in it. We own it, mistakes and all. Life as God has designed it has nothing to do with escaping blame and making ourselves look good. When we strive to live the comfortable life, a life without blame, criticism or consequences, life becomes about us and not about others. If you leave a slug’s trail of mistakes behind, stop, reflect, but don’t try to scrub it away on your own. You can’t, but Christ will. It takes Christ’s promise to cover our guilt and our willingness to provide the spinal pluck necessary not to look back, to clear the path and make it ready for the next pilgrim.

We pray. Thank you Lord for providing a Savior, Jesus Christ, to pay for our sin debt. Forgive us Father when we try to blame others for our mistakes, not taking responsibility for our own lives. Remind us Lord that when we take responsibility for our lives, always willing to learn from our mistakes and then moving on with our lives, we will be blessed by you both now and in eternity. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

Therefore my friend, Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself; each day has enough trouble of its own. This Passing Day. (Matt 6:34)

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