Spiritual capillaries

I believe that prayer is that precious substance that flows through the capillaries of our spiritual lives and we need to put some conscious thought into it as well. My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

An advantage of being an asthmatic as well as having heart disease is something I thought little about prior to being diagnosed with these diseases–I have a singular focus on the air that enters my body and the blood that pumps up and out of the diseased chamber of my heart. With the emphasis these days on clean air and the environment, I’m convinced that many people do give some thought to the air they breath, but asthmatics get pretty fussy about it and react negatively to air that’s tainted with smoke, chemicals, or burdened with excessive moisture. Unless your wounded, however, blood is something most of us seldom think about. Heart disease will heighten one’s awareness of the blood coursing through one’s veins, nonetheless. I think about my heart every day–often. If there’s an irregular beat, I take notice. If I become breathless, I take a break. If I feel any kind of chest pain, I’m making note and sending a report to my heart doctor. In my mind I envision the blood going in and pumping out, trying to help it along mindfully. Breathing is no different. My heartbeat and the hard work my lungs put into breathing are a conscious part of living for me, every day of my life.

As air and blood are such an important part of physical survival, and deserve our conscious focus more often than not, what