Ardor or sacrifice?

Fulfilling God’s purpose usually involves some risk. To deny that in favor of ourselves is counterfeit wisdom and serves no ones purpose but our own. My friend, life’s a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

A number of years ago we took the family on a trip in the old Airstream to Maine’s

eer Island via a Canadian route. The route took us through Ontario, into Quebec and down into the Thousand Islands area of upstate New York. We camped in various provincial, national and state parks along the way. One park in particular was along the shores of Lake Ontario. The entire day of travel bringing us to the Lake was overcast and breezy. As we got the trailer in place, just yards from the lakeshore, it looked and smelled like rain was coming, so I put out the awning on the trailer to keep a small area dry near the trailer entry door. As the evening faded into night we turned on the weather radio and tuned into a local weather band. The local NOAA forecast for the northern shores of the Lake Ontario was broadcasting a weather alert for strong, gale force winds and torrential rain. On the one hand I was glad the awning was tied down and up, but on the other hand I feared that it might act as a sail, pushing the 5,000 pound plus trailer off its corner jacks. I knew I had to choose one or the other. I opted to pull the awning back in. When the wind hit it struck the starboard side of the trailer that was facing northeast. As the storm was a northeaster, it smashed into that side with such force that water began spraying through window and door seams. Bedding got