Seeking or searching?

When you and I approach the King of the Universe out of need, the choices are the same. We can seek or we can merely search. My friend, lifes a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

One of the more humbling experiences in my life has been the job interview. So much preparation goes into it with resume written and rewritten, cover letter crafted and each small detail of history and experience tweaked so as to make them shine both true and significant individually. When you finally do get a response from all the written preparation, and pass the initial phone check to see if there is a live body behind that keyboard, you come to the sartorial part of the exercise: the personal appearance and interview. The last time I went through this exercise was not too long ago. Pulling up into the office parking lot where the company was located, I spent a few precious moments prepping; checking mustache hairs in the visor mirror, wiping a few stray cookie crumbs from my suit jacket, and making sure that I had all the documentation that I needed in my portfolio. Double check the office floor and number, take a final sip of coffee from the travel mug, check how those shoes look, and you throw yourself into the exercise like a torpedo pilot; certain you will reach your goal but uncertain as to what kind of shape you will be when you get back to the carrier.