Come, Christian Come

As our ultimate goal in life is to worship our Lord by harkening to his call in service and, in so doing, serve others in love, we need to listen to his call– “Come!” My friend, lifes a story, stayed tuned for more on This Passing Day.

“Mark! Come here.” I heard that a lot growing up. There were a number of different opportunities to experience the command. There were the instances when I was doing something disobedient and my Mom or Dad were on the scene. “Mark! Come here!” My first thought at that moment was usually one of disappearing or hiding. I often thought if I could make myself invisible that would be one of the three wishes I would ask for from the genie of

the lamp. Nevertheless, obedience was compelling. I went. The penalty for escape was always worse than compliance, so the dictate of obedience was strong. Then there were the times when a parent needed something and summoned my help. “Mark? Come here.” In a young man’s life the moment is always important, and breaking away from play was difficult. Yet, helping out my Mom or Dad when they needed me was second nature, as the penalty for ignoring a parental plea wasn’t really an option. I went. Finally there was the “Mark? Come here?” Something was wrong and my Mom or Dad was looking for my input or explanation. These were the easiest of commands because harkening might even earn a reward and seldom involved a punishment. Again, I went.