Glamorous add-adds?

Welcome to This Passing Day. I’m Mark Brunner. My friend, may I ask you a question today? We all need to ask this question: If in the end our goal is to end up with the truth, are the glamorous add-on’s like video, audio and all the other technical accoutrements of Christian broadcasting making that truth clearer or not?

My friend, life’s a story, welcome to This Passing Day.

This Passing Day ministry has been around for nearly twenty years now. Since 1999 we’ve grown from an email ministry to a few to a multi-media one reaching thousands. In the beginning a simple daily devotion was sent out to subscribers and they read it. Most at the time had little idea of who I was, what I looked or sounded like. In 2003 we began recording these daily devotions as audio files and in 2006 the radio ministry began. Now there was a voice behind the words. Today these daily devotions, now over 5,000 in number, are seen on video as well. Unfortunately my sad old face is now part of the ministry, not just a voice that occasionally cracks and a script that contains a misspelled word every now and then. I have to mind my “P’s” and “Q’s” a bit more than in the past, but the heart of This Passing Day is still the Word of God. R