My friend, may I ask you a question? Did you know that there is a 1 in 645 chance that you might die in an auto accident and a 1 in 96 chance of dying from a drug overdose? Is it possible we’re in the trenches, ducking, dodging and, frankly, defying some pretty scary odds?

My friend, life’s a story, welcome to This Passing Day. I’m Mark Brunner.

When you and I begin to sort out all of the things that oppose us on a daily basis, it’s truly a fearful thing. First of all we wake up in the morning. What are the odds of that? Well, about 1 in 100,000 are the odds if you are between 15 and 24. If you are 66 like me, the odds aren’t anywhere near that good. In general, however, there are pretty good odds that you will wake up tomorrow–here on earth, at least. But, what about the rest of your day? Well, gravity is both a friend and a foe in regard to risk. It keeps you from falling upward, but other directions are another matter. Falling into, from or down is a constant risk. Folks my age are 14 times more likely to fall daily than someone in their twenties. Then there are the deadly viruses and bacteria that surround us everywhere. There are contamination issues in the water we drink. The food we purchase might make us sick or even worse. No matter where we live or work, there are risks from not only the environment, but from conveniences that use high voltage and anything that might be volatile and combustible. Most people don’t realize that there is also a 1 in 645 chance that they might die in an auto accident and that by 2016 statistics a 1 in 96 chance of dying from a drug overdose. Literally, there is a war going on out there and we are in the trenches, ducking, dodging and, frankly, defying some pretty scary odds.

I guess if we studied these statistics on a daily basis we probably wouldn’t even venture out at all. The risks are real and keeping ourselves out of harm’s way is probably a good idea. Nevertheless, it is good to note here that God didn’t design us to be nondurable products, at least from an average lifetime perspective. He’s designed us with bodies that fight disease, block invaders in the water and air around us, counteract bad things in our food and given us guardian angels to boot. Even more impressive he’s made sure that, for the most part, we’re not deer in the headlights when it comes to trouble and mishap. God has blessed us with understanding and a certain degree of wisdom and discernment. If we want more we need only ask and receive. With all these safeguards in place it lowers the risk quite a bit, making us over-comers as opposed to being overcome. The same logic applies to our spiritual lives as well. Despite the risk of evil around us, God has designed us to overcome evil, not succumb to it.

John’s Revelation, 2:7 states. “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.” We have victory in Jesus Christ. He overcame sin and death and by his spirit we have inherited the ability to overcome not only the tribulations of the physical life, but also the tribulations that beset us from a spiritual perspective as well. What you and I lost in the Garden of Eden, the essence of the Tree of Life, is restored in Christ. “Jesus Christ is the restorer of all lost blessings; and the divine purpose and ideal has not faded away amidst the clouds of the stormy day of earth’s history, like the flush of morning from off the plains. Christ brings back the Eden, and quenches the flame of the fiery sword; and instead of the repellent cherub, there stands Himself with the merciful invitation upon His lips: ‘Come! Eat; and live for ever.’” God designed us in Christ to be over-comers in Spirit by Christ just as he has designed us physically to stave off the physical dangers that surround us daily. There is one significant difference in this comparison though; physically we will all succumb at some point, spiritually, in Christ, the promise is eternal.

We pray. Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of spiritual life in Jesus Christ, an eternal promise you will never revoke, no matter the spiritual risks facing us in this life. We are designed to overcome the tribulations of this life, despite any evil risk. Forgive us Lord when we are fearful of what might come of us eternally when the risk of spiritual death is nil as we live in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

Therefore my friend, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself; each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matt 6:34) This Passing Day. May this passing day honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and be a blessing to you and everyone you meet. Find a stranger and say hello. Don't let another day pass without your day blessing someone else.

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God bless you for Jesus sake.

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