Accept the praise?

My friend, may I ask you a question? Are you able to glorify in the moment and rejoice in the goodness that has been bestowed upon you because of Christ? Are you able to accept the gift and join in the praise becoming a part of a huge victory celebration?

My friend, life’s a story, welcome to This Passing Day. I’m Mark Brunner.

A number of years ago I was honored by a group I had served with a plaque thanking me for my service on their Board of Directors. It was the usual dinner and speakers’ meeting and my presentation was at the end of the evening’s event. After I was introduced I was asked to say a few words. I was retiring from the Board and as I looked out over the audience nearly twenty years of service rolled over me in waves of memories and emotions. The audience was applauding and for the moment I was of course embarrassed. I really hadn’t earned this. There were meetings I was not able to attend. There were those meetings I poorly directed. There were meetings when I simply had been a poor leader, lacking patience or wisdom, or both. My uneasiness increased by the moment, but then it dawned on me. It wasn’t about me; it was about the service freely given to the Board, not recompensed and clearly a chunk of any person’s time. It was my responsibility at the moment to simply accept the applause, and humbly take it all in. As uncomfortable as it was, my duty was to be gracious and bow to the audience as the accepting one and not the earner.

As the moments of applause increased I was moved to do something I had always wanted to do—step away from the podium and join the audience in applause. As I did, the praise for the organization and its selfless work over the years became apparent to everyone. We joined together in praise for the moment, unearned by any of us as individuals. I joined in fellowship and faith with the group and we