That would be God?

Everyone can have a bad day. I have them, you have them. The important thing is this: what do we do with the badness when it becomes overflowing? We know that God hears and heals, but is that always a guarantee that it will happen? A number of years ago one of my daughters had had a bad day. Nothing seemed to be going right. I told her that she needed to take her problems to God and see what He might be willing to do with them. “Sure! she said. “But it would be a whole lot easier if I knew He was really listening.”

How often have you longed to see the guardian angels that walk beside you? Or, when you’re really weighed down by the cares of life, wouldn’t it be great to see an army of angels ready to take your side? Perhaps you and I can catch a glimpse at least emotionally if only we choose to believe more fervently?