Our Father?

My friend, may I ask you a question? When you think about it is life all about hanging on, or isn't it? Think about all the things that attract your grasp over the course of a day? Are you hanging on a lot?

My friend, life's a story, welcome to This Passing Day. I'm Mark Brunner.

What defines trust? Obviously fear has something to do with how much we trust or decide not to trust. If you can minimize fear, usually trust follows closely behind. Take roller coaster rides for example. As a kid I had a real fear of going on roller coasters. It didn't matter how high or fast, I just didn't like going on them. That is until my Mom decided to ride with me. It was a community carnival and the roller coaster was small. I can still remember my Mom asking me to ride the coaster with her. I hesitated but said "Ok!" We got on and she held my hand. I still carried my fears with me but was able to overcome my fear of getting on the ride. We rode and I hung on tightly.

As my Mom made a difference in overcoming my fears and earning my trust, how does God do that in our lives?

Here's a story: A group of botanists were searching in the Alps for rare flowers. A very fine specimen was spotted on a small ledge of rock that could only be reached with a lifeline. The job was far too dangerous for the inexperienced botanists, so they summoned a local shepherd boy who was familiar with the terrain. They offered him several gold coins if he would climb down the rope and retrieve the rare flower. Although the boy desperately wanted the coins, he feared that the job was too dangerous. Several times he peered over the edge of the cliff, but he couldn't see any safe way of getting to the flower. Besides, he knew that he'd have to entrust his life to the hands of total strangers who would be holding the lifeline. Suddenly, the boy had an idea. He left the group for a few minutes, then returned holding the hand of an older man. The shepherd boy then ran excitedly to the edge of the cliff and said to the botanists, "You can tie the rope under my arms now. I'll go into the canyon as long as you let my father hold the rope." (Sermon Illustrations)

When you think about it life IS all about hanging on, isn't it? Think about all the things that attract your grasp over the course of a day. You hang on to a steering wheel to keep your car on the road. You grasp a railing to guide your steps down a steep stairwell. Whether it's working out at the gym or working at the job site, hanging on is critical to getting the work done. Yet, when life throws us a curve, the first thing we often do is let go of the very thing that keeps us from taking a fall, God's hand. Probably the reason for that is we're afraid to go where He might be leading us. That's Ok. Being fearful isn't a sin. That kind of fear may never go away. But, just as I knew that I would be safe if my Mom was riding that roller coaster with me, you and I can be sure that this roller coaster called life is safe when our Heavenly Father is holding onto us. It's a matter of trusting even when the fear just won't go away.

We pray. Lord, sometimes we just get tired of trying. Tired of hanging on. Tired of believing for a miracle. Fill us with Your power to persevere. We’ll take the next step and believe for the next day. We will not give up as long as we are holding onto your hand. What seemed impossible we trust is possible when we look up and see you! In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

Therefore my friend, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself; each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matt 6:34) This Passing Day. May this passing day honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and be a blessing to you and everyone you meet. Find a stranger and say hello. Don't let another day pass without your day blessing someone else.

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<markcbrunner@thispassingday.com> From Beech Springs, God bless you for Jesus sake.

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