May I ask you a question? When you think about it, when God offers us substitutionary justice with Jesus paying the price for all of our sins, our slate wiped clean, isn’t it the sweetest deal we could ever have asked for?

My friend, life’s a story, welcome to This Passing Day. I'm Mark Brunner.

In a newspaper recently I ran across a very unusual story. It seems that a Georgia traffic judge, known for her harshness in handing out stiff fines, now has a new reputation. A young man was convicted of numerous parking offenses. The judge passed sentence and levied the fine. When the young man pleaded that he was out of work and couldn’t pay the fine, the judge adjourned the court and left the young man standing there. Moments later she returned and clasping the young man’s hand, she handed him a check for the whole amount of the fine and dismissed the case.

When you think about it, isn’t that what God has done for us?

Here’s a story: During the Civil War, a farmer named Blake was drafted as a soldier. He was deeply concerned about leaving his family, because his wife had died and there would be no one to support and take care of his children in his absence. The day before he was to leave for the army, his neighbor Charlie Durham came to visit him. “Blake,” he said, “You’re needed here at home, so I’ve decided to go in your place.” The farmer was overwhelmed. He grasped the hand of the young man and praised God for this one who was willing to go as his substitute. Charlie went to the frontlines and performed his duties nobly. But sad to say, he was shot and killed in the first battle. When the farmer heard the news, he immediately saddled his horse and rode out to the battlefield. After searching for some time, he found the body of his friend. He arranged to have it buried in the churchyard near the spot where they had often stopped to talk after the services. On a piece of marble he carved an inscription with his own hands. It read, simply: HE DIED FOR ME. (adapted)

The Bible tells us that God did not spare his only Son, Jesus Christ, but gave him up for us all. Like Blake and that young traffic offender in Georgia, we stand before the judge with sentence passed. There’s no getting around the verdict. Our goose, so to speak, is cooked. That’s when God steps down from the bench and offers us the sweetest deal we could ever have asked for: substitutionary justice; Jesus pays the price and our slate is wiped clean. Thank God that our Charlie Durham was willing to do it. Thank God our Charlie Durham didn’t stay in the grave. Thank God!

We pray. Heavenly Father. We come before You with sincere hearts filled with gratitude and love to thank You for stepping into our lives and substituting the life of your Son Jesus Christ for us. We are saved as you offered Him up for us. He died on the battlefield of sin, a place where we rightly ought to have stood. We humbly offer what we can in return for Your grace–our hearts as memorials to Christ. That memorial simply reads: “He died for us.” In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

Therefore my friend, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself; each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matt 6:34) This Passing Day. May this passing day honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and be a blessing to you and everyone you meet. Find a stranger and say hello. Don't let another day pass without your day blessing someone else.

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<> From Beech Springs, God bless you for Jesus sake.

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