(09.23.21– Honoring –Romans 12:10)

My friend, may I ask you a question? When we honor others with our devotion, does God in return honor us with some small portion of His honor?

My friend, Life’s a story, welcome to This Passing Day.

I'm M. Clifford Brunner.

I grew up in a day and time when heroes were an important part of life for a growing boy; and there were plenty of heroes to go around, 40 or 50 years ago. Let's see, there was: Hopp-A-Long Cassidy, Bart Starr, Audie Murphy and a whole long string of guys that I emulated growing up. I had Starr's poster taped to the inside of my bedroom closet door. I carried a Hopp-A-Long Cassidy jackknife in the pocket of my Levis and the movie "To Hell And Back," the story of Audie Murphy's heroism during World War II, was one of my favorites. I honored these guys with my devotion and, in return, I felt somehow empowered, a bit of a hero like them, just by making them, in some small way, a part of my life.

When we honor others with our devotion, does God in return honor us with some small portion of His honor?

Here's a though from Jaye Lewis: "I only noticed him out of the corner of my eye. I knew he was a Marine from the cut of his uniform. Then I heard him, speaking low with a kind of hiss. It was at San Francisco International Airport where I served during the Vietnam War. I heard his tortured attempt to speak. He struggled but I understood, after time, every painful word he said. He needed to change his ticket. I looked at him. There stood a tall, strong Marine Officer, perfect in his pristine uniform, missing half his jaw! I studied his eyes. I saw the pain, and I felt his humiliation. I smiled. "Yes Sir! I can help you!" I listened with all my heart. I gave him the directions he needed, and his eyes smiled his thanks. Later as I neared the United Airlines counter, I saw him again. His luggage was being checked, and his back was towards me. Then, as though someone had told him where I was, he turned, and he looked at me. Our eyes met, for an eternity. Then I smiled. This soldier and hero, in the United States Marine Corps, pulled himself up to his full height, and with all the military perfection in his being, he gave me a sharp, military salute! I pulled myself to attention and returned that salute. Moving on to the cafeteria, I walked a little taller, and I felt, just a little bit, like a hero. (Jaye Lewis)

When we're "devoted to one another in brotherly love," as the Bible teaches, those we are devoted to, become heroes, folks that we just want to honor. They may be just folks, nobody's heroes, really, but when we focus on them with our love, making them the undivided object of our love, I just can't think of a better definition of "hero." Find someone today, someone in need of your undivided devotion and attention, then listen, love and respond. Who knows, they may just become your Hopp-A-Long Cassidy Audie Murphy for the moment; and you will walk away pumped with a little bit of God's honor as well.