A big God?

(11.17.21– Get Real! –Psalm 102: 25)

My friend, may I ask you a question? What will heaven be like? Perhaps that's because our imagination is where God wants to paint the picture?

My friend, Life’s a story, welcome to This Passing Day.

I'm M. Clifford Brunner.

What will heaven be like? We've all asked that question or at least thought about it. Although the Bible does give a few clues about how heaven will be, it really leaves a lot to the imagination. Perhaps that's because our imagination is where God wants to paint the picture?

Here's a story: Two Holy Men were once discussing the life to come. One insisted that it would be like this life but perfected. Heaven would be a perfect earth replete with animals, oceans, forests and mountains. The other Holy Man insisted that it would not be at all like this life. Heaven would be of different elements altogether: strange, new and perfect, in no way a reflection of this earth. The argument went on for quite some time until both men agreed that whichever of the two died first he should communicate with the one left on earth as to who was correct in their understanding of what heaven was like. The argument was not brought up again. In the course of time one Holy Man did die and was buried. After a short time, true to his pledge prior to death, he visited his friend on earth in a dream and this was his message: "Not as you thought, nor as I thought, but altogether different." The Holy Man left behind had a glimpse into the reality of the heavenly realm but his senses still didn't know what that reality meant.

We know that there will be surprises for us in the life to come, but our ignorance as to the details of that life is no excuse to shutting our eyes to the reality of what God has revealed to us in His Word. What you and I see around us is God's handiwork. It is a divine artist's portrait of grace, mercy, justice, peace and everlasting love. It is the portrait of our God. One of the greatest mistakes that you and I can make is to push that portrait back into some subconscious recess of our minds as a beautiful but fanciful picture of what we believe is real but our senses doubt. Let there be no doubt; God surrounds you and I daily. His creation enfolds us. As a believer in Christ we live both in the realness of that creation and the fancy of it as well. A Christian can make no greater mistake than to believe in God's presence but not feel his walk with God. The Spiritual Realm of