Blindsided? Being rejected when we deserve it is one thing. But, what about those times when we suffer rejection, blindsided, and have no clue to the “why’s” and the “how-comes?” Those are the worst times because we simply don’t know how to fix things. How is a Christian to react to those kinds of “unfair” rejection?

Think about it. Life is full of the unfair and the unjust. Unfortunately, when we dwell on what went wrong, what unfairly happened to us, we always risk the possibility that we might miss the opportunities that usually follow a rejecting defeat.

God’s Word tells us: "I also saw this ·here on earth: Where there should have been justice, there was evil” (Ecclesiastes 3:16-18).

Dwelling on unfair circumstances is self-defeating. Blind-sided by someone’s unfair criticism? Take it in stride. There may be opportunity just around