God's stash?

God’s stash? Are we just believers or are we part of God’s private stash; His own personal gift to His Son Jesus Christ from before eternity? How precious are you to God? Sometimes I think we fool ourselves into believing that we’re just one small, insignificant believer among many.

Think about it. How important can we be? So, hiding under the mundane bed of our lives, God would probably take little notice of us. Not true. God tells us that each believer is special in His sight.

God’s Word tells us: But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation… (1 Peter 2: 8a).

God has scoped out every one of us. In that sense each of us is a “first edition” believer and part of His private stash. We are special relative to all the unbelievers in the world.That puts a whole different perspective on your worth, doesn’t it? We can sparkle like gems or be content to be dull. The choice is up to us.