His will?

Submit? Many years ago my wife was seriously ill. I stood beside her hospital bed, softly stroking her arm. As I touched her, I had one overwhelming thought. I was helpless. I needed to submit to God’s plan for her and put away my “take-charge” nature.

Think about it. Submitting totally to God’s plan for us and our loved ones is difficult to do. But, it is a must for any Christian seeking the “whatever it takes” solution to the difficult problems in life.

God’s Word tells us: Jesus replied. “‘My hour has not yet come.’” His mother said to the servants, “‘Do whatever he tells you’” (John 4:6).

When life gets difficult and we’re forced to look for answers that aren’t apparent, we may be tempted to kick into “take-charge” mode and do whatever it takes to solve the problem. While God wants us to be willing to find the answers, He also wants us to know there are times when we won’t know and often aren’t capable. We just need to trust in His will to act.

“I pray today in Jesus name for the courage and faith it takes in each of us to stand before our enemies, our fears and our worries, to utter these words: Your will be done O Lord. Amen!”

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34) www.thispassingday.com