The eyes have it?

The eyes have it? (10.14.21–Hidden Blessings –Acts:9-2-4)

My friend, may I ask you a question? Are you looking for Jesus? You and I are surrounded by a very messy world that needs sorting out in the worst way. Is that where He is?

My friend, Life’s a story, welcome to This Passing Day.

I'm M. Clifford Brunner.

After a long summer of cutting, building, fixing and repairing, my garage workbench is a total mess. Everything seems to pile up over summer in anticipation of that cool, fall afternoon when I clean things up. Recently I needed a brass fit- ting for a plumbing fixture that needed repairing. I knew it was somewhere on that workbench; so I dug in and began sorting out the mess. My mind was bent on that half-inch brass fitting. I could just see it in my hand. Unfortunately, even though it seemed like the prize, I found other things instead. There was that bag of tent stakes I had been looking for. That turned up first. Then there was a box of electrical outlets. I forgot I bought those. Great! On and on it went; 5” nails, my missing claw hammer, a socket tester. Every one of those things had been missing and needed. I wanted a fit- ting and found much more; a whole lot of things I forgot I needed just as much as that brass fitting.

Here's a thought from Maria Carey: I wanted to see Jesus today. I saw the old man instead standing by the pump at the gas station. We said hello to each other as we shared our smiles and left on our way. I wanted to see Jesus today. I saw the most delightful little child with his mother and she was so sweet to him at the Wal-Mart. I smiled at each and the little fella reached out to touch my arm and my heart as I said, "Hello, little one." He laughingly, fled away. I wanted to see Jesus today. I saw the old lady, a bent figure with curved spine holding two very heavy shopping bags. She looked so tired. I watched as she tried to cross the street. I was afraid she wouldn't make it as I said, let me carry those things for you. We made it across the street and I carried those bags up 3 full blocks right to her doorstep. She thanked me and I felt so good. I wanted to see Jesus today. I saw the man at the train station, he asked for spare change and I looked at him. Without thought of what he would do with the change, I gave it to him. I did so with a prayer and ble