You OK Jesus?

(06.28.21– Jesus Are You OK? –Matthew 12:34)

My friend, may I ask you a question? Should we be shocked by what we hear on a daily basis that takes God’s name in vain? Hasn't profanity become so ordinary, so mundane in our culture today that our reaction is a bit prudish?

My friend, Life’s a story, welcome to This Passing Day.

I'm M. Clifford Brunner.

"Jesus! Are you OK?" I heard those words ring out across a campground Holly and I were camping at a few weeks ago. It seems that a lovely young lady camping next to us had stacked up some camping gear on a picnic table and when one of her camping mates reached for one of the items everything collapsed in a pile and it appeared that the unlucky camper had pinched a finger or something in the process. "Jesus! Are you OK?" She shouted in out a second time for everyone to hear. I just couldn't help myself at that point and I responded from our neighboring campsite, "I'm fine. Please be care- ful how you use my name though."

My patience had worn thin. For nearly three days we had been camped next to this young lady. From the minute she arrived with her four unleashed dogs until the moment she slammed that last truck door early in the morning, pushing and kicking her dogs back into the truck and left, the air had been blue with her cussing and swearing. "F" bombs, "G-D" bombs and everything in between were on her menu. Quite frankly I heard a few expressions I'd never heard before. Finally, when Jesus joined her assault on the English language, I just couldn't bear it. I really believe that she didn't even think about it at all. Swearing and cursing were as much a part of her daily coping as was breathing and taking in a deep breath from time to time. When things didn't go her way, a foul mouth was her coping mechanism of choice.

Should I have been so shocked by what I heard? Hasn't profanity become so ordinary, so mundane in our culture today that my reaction is a bit prudish? In fact some even feel that profanity has its good side. "