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Dear Friend,

I’m the president and host of the This Passing Day® radio ministry. A graduate of Marquette University and Martin Lutheran College, I’ve authored several inspirational books including Madstone or Perfect Pearl and Abiding Principles. With an additional background in advertising, publishing, marketing and business consulting, I’ve built a substantial bank of experiences from which I’m able to draw stories about real life experiences that affect real people in corporate, civic and religious life. My speaking fees are reasonable and will fit your budget. Call 414-412-1820 and mention Keynotes.

Mark Brunner



Motivational Speaking

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Pick a topic and let me know above:

1. Has fairness gone too far?

2. What happened to common sense?

3. Leading through serving.

4. Rational thought in an irrational time.

5. Critical thinking?

 Or? Let me know.

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