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Brunner takes issue with the presumptions of much of modern scientific and philosophical thought. He also challenges the widely held notion of human autonomy, that is, we need answer only to ourselves and to no one else, including God. Here he discusses issues such as the abortion holocaust that has ravaged American society. Sadly, when it comes to this crime against humanity, many Christians have been indifferent or even compliant. As stewards of God’s creation, we are to serve him and protect what he has given, including the gift of life itself.Finally he deals with the belief that God should be judged by human concepts of fairness. In order words, the Lord owes it to us to behave as we would want. 


Written for Christians, Silly Putty helps to confirm believers in their faith. Brunner enlists numerous pertinent Bible passages to strengthen believers. More than that, he also emboldens us to answer the unbelieving world. After all, as he points out, against the silly notions of a lost and dying world, we have the very power and wisdom of almighty God.


Dr. Roland Cap Ehlke Concordia University Wisconsin


Silly Putty

SKU: 978-1-7923

    Objective Truth in a Subjective Age

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