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Objective truth 

in a subjective culture

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M. Clifford Brunner has been involved with publishing and God’s Word for nearly 50 years. Graduating from Marquette University in 1974, he began a decades long career spanning nearly five decades in the book publishing, inspirational writing, and online ministry fields.
For the last couple of years he has focused on writing daily on a series entitled Objectively Speaking Today! Click the link below to enjoy today's inspirational and thought-provoking message.


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by M. Clifford Brunner


A study in why an objective perspective on life surpasses the subjective culture of our times. [Handy study guide included for each chapter.] 


188 pages, softcover–This Passing Day, 2021 $15.99 + shipping

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Ten Abiding Principles Solid, objective and inspiring thoughts for everyday living. 

$7.99 + shipping.


Cut and Split

Devotions based on over 40 years of cutting and splitting wood at Brunner's Beech Springs home. (Temporarily out of stock)

$7.99 + shipping.

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Madstone or Perfect Pearl

The evolution of the Christian church in today's subjective culture.

$11.99 + shipping.

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